Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gosh i darn lazy...everytime when it come to bloggin...there's alway an excuse for preventing me updating..haha mayb that is what u called HUMAN NATURE...jz completed my Oxford Brookes University thesis this week which was one of the excuse...it's a thesis which required me to analysis a financial position of a company in 5000 words and infact 5000 words aint a lot since there's so many thing to write on..The prob was on how 2 cut the thesis short and clear within the words limitation..

Will be having my Progress Test 2 the following weeks...hopefully can do well in it ....

Tanjung Sepat Pictures: BBQ party

Jasmine's birthday...an affair of black and pink was the theme

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

haha i got my new haircut...any comments. haha which suites me more...!

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

hehe.. the much anticipated updates abt me is back...hmm what i've been doing lately??haha been disappering lately from many outings..sorry guys..studies come first now...not gonna face yet any down fall again!!..btw my life isn't that sad...guess what ...i went all the way to Tj SEPAT to bbq...yea i found it pretty dumb to go all the way there jz to bbq but in the end it was pretty enjoying and a good way to release the tension i'm facing..

GOsh did some stupid stuff there....played water balloons there and got really WET ...we got pretty high and pose some gayish post there... i should get the photo and post it here soon..hahah...

Man!! still unfamiliar with this blog thingy..hopefully i'll get use to it soon...and if that the case ..more update will be shared in the future

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Monday, August 20, 2007

hmm...was actually expecting something fruitful to happen on my opening ceremony of this blog. Unfortunately i was not to bless with it...Kinda disappointed with my ACCA result as i was expecting a straight pass for last sem sittings. If u were to ask me what went wrong, i could barely answer u.. I did study very hard with constant revision but yet luck was not on my side this time around...This sem I'll be taking 4 papers including 1 that I'd failed...sigh gotta work way harder this time around as i hoped it will be the final 4 papers of my study life...

What a day it has ended...waited for my result confirmation the whole day and only gotta know abt it around 7 something and yet with a disappointing result....it jz made my day man!!What make the matter worst was that I went all the way to Penang with 4 of my friends looking forward to pass it the 1st time around turn out to have the same fate where 4 of us failed the same better even we have different combination of papers....perhaps it just fated that way...

Friends out there...u guys gonna motivate me to push harder ya...!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

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